Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Its been awhile..

......I have not been updating this in awhile, just been so busy lately! i got a 2nd job as a waitress at Nacho Daddys!

   Bryan is one of the that helped out a lot! I love the people up there, all my managers are awesome.. just wish it was consistantly busy. So we could make decent money! But its nice to have cash in my pocket all the time, rather than spending my paychecks on bills!!
    back on my strict diet today. I took a break the past week for THANKSGIVING!! Which was amazing btw:) great food all day btwn my family and Michaels, That night i had to work at Nachos.. bar fight broke out.. it was like a huge brawl! We took care of the problems people tho!! hahahaha

Breakfast: I blended one apple, one orange and a few strawberries with a teaspoon of yogurt to a smoothie!
Lunch: this delicious chicken salad thats posted above with 2tsp on balsamic vingerette dressing
Dinner: i'll be working .... so either protein smoothie from Smoothie King or chkn and green peppers at work. We'll see , i guess :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


       Just turned on my camera.. and the freakin screen is broken. Ugh i am so pissed, but its my fault... i thought it was a bright idea to toss my gym bag off the balcony. Oops : (  Anyway.. last night after work i raced over to Jessica/Ber's apt and walked  with the girls..we power walked 2.5miles. And on our last lap me and Ber jogged a good bit then sprinted... it felt good. Then we went upstairs and did 10x10 ab workouts.

Breakfast : sliced strawberries.  Lunch : grilled chicken salad with 2tspoons of balsamic dressing. Dinner : (pic above) Tilapia with aspargus. Snack : sliced apples.

Wii Fit Scale 9/20 : -2.4lbs  : )

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zoo Atlanta

           I took the boys I nanny for to Zoo Atlanta! We had a blast. I think I had more fun then they did!! I was in 4th grade last time I went. I loved the elephants and giraffes, they were beautiful. The pandas were great too. I think I want to go back this weekend with Boogie and Michael.
 Hakuna Matata

This man had grossly long ass hair, i had to snap a picture!! lol

After work , I went straight over to Jessica's house and we walked 2miles. Then i went food shopping for the house. Then Tiff called me and i met her at TGI Fridays and we got a drink and just chit chatted. Come to find out she had a date with Stan this week.. STAN happens to be engaged with a baby girl on the way.. thanks to FACEBOOK. The dumbass deleted Tiff from his fb, but forgot to delete me. Haha so of course i did my digging and got all the info i needed for Tiff to stand the whore up. Or just call his ass out. LOL gawwwd, some men just think they are Gods gift to women , lol PLEASE dude, get a damn LIFE!!!!!!!  

         ** Life would be perfect if: some girls had mute buttons, some guys had edit buttons, bad times had fast forward buttons, and good times had pause buttons. **                                                                                 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall / Batter Bowl Bakery :)

        So the weather today is beyond PERFECT. I got out of my car and the first leaf, I have really paid attention too was on my window shield.. and it was yellow <3, my favorite kind of yellow too.. Ahh I love this time of year, I can't help but feel so thankful for the things around me.
 Like a simple leaf changing colors! ------->

  So this weekend was packed with fun! Friday night Kaitlyn & I went over to Jessica's dads house and we all three were baking all night!! We made a "Baby Rump" cake for Treena's baby shower! And a cake for my families birthday.."Heart Cake" which I just wanted to play with, but I was not happy with it... So saturday Kaitlyn, Patrick, Michael and I all watched the UGA game at Michaels parents house. While we watched Kaitlyn and I baked another cake. A "Georgia Cake." And then we lost. Booooo!! But it turned out so yummy and looked terrific.  

   Later Sunday night, Michael and I went over to Corey and Alexa's house to help out with there new Hot Tub. Lexa and I watched Jersey Shore then the VMA's...which werent too great this year. No shock affect. Booo. Anywho, thats it :)

Oh and P.S... MICHAEL MADE ME MY OWN CORN HOLE GAME! hes the best boyfriend everrrr <3  


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Workout Wagon


      I jumped back on the workout wagon tonight! Being sick then the holiday weekend + birthdays, just threw me off. Jessica and I went to the park and walked 1.5 miles then went to the gym and kicked ass. My thighs are so tight its painful. LOL but i love it. I'm on that GET IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT workout plan, lol this year time next year i plan to look like Kimmy.NEW BOOBS & all. lol I can only dream right :) But yeah
<-------------This is my goal, setting the bar high i know. lol . but i got the next year to lose! i have PT super early.. so i am headed to shower then bed. Tomorrow, i am going to start a food journal on here, while i type my daily posts as well as write my workouts i do and any weight i lose, just to keep myself motivated. Wish me luck :)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End of a good weekend..

Happy Labor Day!
i am finally home, we stayed with kaitlyn and patrick all weekend long. Patrick suprised her with a brand new , 7weeks old Boxer puppy on friday for Kaitlyns birthday! He is precious, his name is BRUTUS!! ... well not really, they named him Diesel.. but his name should be Brutus :) I totally gave him a whole photoshoot all weekend. lol, he kept falling alseep everywhere...lazy bum, I got a cute pic by a natty light bottle. haha Cute Advertisment, they should hire Brutus.
I made these yummy brownies/cookies for Michael midnight.. bc he had a craving.. i am too good to that boy, good thing i love baking :)
well i guess this concludes my hoilday weekend, its over already :( BUT tomorrow my brother should be in town...YAHOOOO! and my momma. Family dinner next sunday, YAY those are my favorite :)) of course were missing the baby of the family tho, and my newest greatest brother in law of all time!!


Monday, September 6, 2010

The Boys of Fall 2010

   The Dogs look impressive 55-7 Victory over the Rajun Cajuns!! It was a great game. I love that football season is FINALLY here. Aaron Murray our new quarterback, looks damn good. I am hoping he does wonders this year. Cox being long gone is going to make us a better team reguardless. The intensity of the game was awesome throughout all four quaters. As well as the aggressiveness and enthusiasm of the defense! I can't wait to see what is the BOYS OF FALL will do next week against South Carolina. Keep it up guys :)

We watched the game in Loganville at Michael's parents house, while they were at the races in Atlanta this weekend. We grilled out and enjoyed a few cold ones in the sun while we watched the Dawgs kick butt.
Jessica, Kaitlyn and I stayed up til 2:30am friday night baking Uga cupcakes and Tiffanee's Birthday cake. Which turned out great btw!

<-----Our Go Dawg football cupcakes<3

    Happy Birthday Dear Sissy ---->

   Later we went out to dinner at longhorns and enjoyed some food with everyone. Not everyone had a goodtime, there was a bit of hostility in the air. lol. Joey, our awesome waiter brought out our lovely cake we made and we all sang to Tiffy, then made our way to the bar for a BiRtHdAy ShOT !! then out to Bruceys for a few drinks... which they expanded! Looked crazy big inside, and we saw our favorite person.. lol i guess she can remain nameless... but its always fun to see her out. Umm what else, Oh i went and wrote on a karokee slip that the "Hot Blonde in the Yellow Dress" was celebrating her birthday today!! HAHA the DJ of course announced it over the PA, and she hated me for the rest of the night, lol as he continued to refer to her as the HOT BLONDE BDAY GIRL, a few people bought her shots and i got her about 5 jELLoooo ShOTs!! All and all , it was a FANTASTIC day <3


Till next time :)