Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sometimes you got to do what you don't like, to get where you want to be.

      Well its been a month now since i broke up with Michael. Its def been a roller coaster. Today it became "facebook offical" that was really difficult. But it is really time for me to focus on myself for a change. The past 7 years have been amazing..& i really do love him, but we have become very dependent on one another. I want to be sure I still have my independence, and i need to just find myself again. 


    I have set a lot of crazy goals for myself this year and damnit i am going to reach them! Another reason it got harder for us to stay together bc he has not supported me in anything i have been doing, and saying i want to do. I want the world. And if your not going to to go after it with me, then there is no point. I needed his support in the changes i have been making and he was clearly not, my feeling have been hurt by him more than anything...but hopefully he will get his stuff together while we are apart and he can come around and change his mind and become supportive.