Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Its been awhile..

......I have not been updating this in awhile, just been so busy lately! i got a 2nd job as a waitress at Nacho Daddys!

   Bryan is one of the that helped out a lot! I love the people up there, all my managers are awesome.. just wish it was consistantly busy. So we could make decent money! But its nice to have cash in my pocket all the time, rather than spending my paychecks on bills!!
    back on my strict diet today. I took a break the past week for THANKSGIVING!! Which was amazing btw:) great food all day btwn my family and Michaels, That night i had to work at Nachos.. bar fight broke out.. it was like a huge brawl! We took care of the problems people tho!! hahahaha

Breakfast: I blended one apple, one orange and a few strawberries with a teaspoon of yogurt to a smoothie!
Lunch: this delicious chicken salad thats posted above with 2tsp on balsamic vingerette dressing
Dinner: i'll be working .... so either protein smoothie from Smoothie King or chkn and green peppers at work. We'll see , i guess :)