Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When life gets tough, the tough get going...

This past week or so, things have literally been a roller coaster.

I recieved some sad news from my baby sister and her husband. That has been having my head turn, just thinking about her. Hoping she is finding comfort and doing okay. I hate not being close to her, when she got so much going on in her life... i know Chris is there and doing everything he can, to make her smile..but somethings you just need your sisters <3

 Michael lost his job after four long years. I've been more worried about him, bc he honestly LOVED that job and the people he worked with. I know he hates not being the one who makes money, he takes pride in that, and is actually pretty grumpy when hes not working. I reminded him too, of last time he lost his job :( he swore that wasnt happening again. LOL When he gave me the news, he immediatly came up to Nachos and got drunk. And sad, then drunk again. This past weekend, we relaxed with Ryan and Allie for her birthday celebration... and got our minds off our life problems, for a few days atleast. It was fun while it lasted, but guess what Monday showed up and all our problems were still waiting for us.

 I had to make a "grown up" decision. I am no longer going to Miami with all the other bridesmaids :( Its been running in my mind whether to go or not since the news Taylor gave me. I have only been promising my babysister i'd come to Utah to visit her only for uhhh... SINCE she started college! Now she has a house, husband, new job and car.. and i still havn't made it over there!! So i thought if i am going to go ANYWHERE, it NEEDS to be to see her... especially now! And once Michael lost his job, it was kinda like confirmation. I cant afford it, even though i NEED a vacation...its just not in my means for awhile :(

Today everything has hit me, i am freaking out about $$$. Work has been so slow lately...phones off, not a priority right now until after rent is paid. I am hoping to God, we get busy at work the next few days while i am on the clock, or at least a fat tipper walks in and sits at my bar!!!

Until next time...

Friday, July 22, 2011

control your jealousy bc i cant control my temper!

For those of you who know me, i have always been a "guys girl."

I remember when i was young after my mom passing away, i clung to my Dad. Everything he was, i wanted to be. Everything he did, i wanted to do. When my dad got remarried. .. i remembered getting yelled at often because i would spit..(yes SPIT) everywhere, and i did it bc dad did. When i got older, i was a tomboy. Scrapped knees, bike rides, kickball with the neighbor boys. I played basketball since 6th grade. I was a bully to my siblings and towards other people. I have never been really scared of anyone, i have been in a few fights and have yet to get my ass kicked. I am extreamly competitive, and i must win.

Well i have grown out of the gross tomboy stage. I enjoy dressing up, doing my hair... and making myself look and feel pretty. I am no longer a bully, actually i am probably one of the nicest, down to earth girls you'll ever meet. Which FINALLY brings me to my point, i am a friendly girl, i like everyone..guy or girl! I have no problem having a convosation with anyone. I am for sure a people person.


I don't know what's up, but recently i have been accused over and over again of something going on btwn me and so&so. I'm so over it. If you girls would take a second to talk to me, you will find out that i talk to you the exact same way.
I have never thought of myself as a flirt.. like i said before...i am just a friendly person. So all you crazy jealous girls, especially the one threatning to whoop my ass because i said "hey" to her man at the club. Chill the hell out. don't talk about it... be about..

Friday, July 15, 2011


CHICKS, CURVES AND CLEATS Lingerie Football is finally here.

I am team captain for the dangerous curves. I didn't know what team i wanted to be on. .. so i recruited my own girls, &made my own team! and i am pretty damn happy with it, freakin stacked. They all can play..& they're all cuties with attitude! .love it. July 24th is our first real game and where ready!!
We should have our shirts in by today, and we have a photoshoot on Tuesday! ! Ahhh so excited. We played two teams already. Our defense is fire and we have some awesome offensive plays. This year I'm playing quarterback and strong saftey. All the girls seem to be having a lot of fun with it all. And michael us coaching us... and of course anything with football, he loves and now boobs and football he's in heaven! Haha.


locked up

Well.. its been awhile since o updated. Still working at Nachos daddys as a bartender.. most days i love it, recently I've been going nuts because its been so slow, slow means no customers...which equals no cash moneyyyy! I got a job at a tanning salon. Outback in loganville...that lasted for about 2months.

My boytoy was locked up in gwinnett county for 31days. That was a lot tougher then i thought it would be to deal with. It wasn't bad at first, i did my thing went out with my girls partied and didn't have to call & let anyone know where i was or what my plans were... but once the partying was over for the night...i came home alone and i never got a kiss goodnight.

Its the small things in relationships that are taken for granted. And it was the small things i was missing the most about him and "us" , holding his hand or hearing his voice every day! The jail thing got old quick, paying to talk to him, it was a bitch to go see him. .talking through 3in of glass...seeing him in orange & green jumpsuits, when he didn't belong there anyway. But we got through it and are stronger because of it. And to be completely honest.. i feel like his arrest was perfect timing..as messed up as that sounds. But the time apart , i believe was needed and good for us. Hope we don't have to go through it again... i don't understand how those military wives do it..worrying about there honeys lives, i was just praying he didnt drop the soap in the shower! You woman are a lot stronger than me, 31days was long enough!!

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