Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I can honestly say....

I can honestly say i do not remember when the last time i ate a hamburger was!! I watched a guy at work the other day chow down on a big juicy greesy spectrum burger covered in swiss cheese, mushrooms and onions...and it made my belly turn.

    I don't think i have EVER wanted something so bad, then i want to reach my goal. I am so close i can taste it!! All week at work, we have been trying out our new winter menu and i stood my ground and didnt take one bite of any of it. There was lobster dip, apple crisp pie, chocolate lava cake... and i had self control the whole time!

    Weigh in was last night. 10.62% of my body is gone:) 14.25 inches and 22.4lbs since our Biggest loser comp has started, and 78.8lbs all together !! i'm 8lbs away from my goal !!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 New Year Resolutions...

Happy NEW Year...2012 already. I cannot even believe it. I graduated high school 6years ago. That scares the shit out of me! Well my New Year was actually shitty as hell. I worked all day on NYE and once i got out of work...i got to drunk to fast, and i wasnt with Michael. So no NYE kiss for me. Then when Michael and I finally saw each other.. we just fought. Kinda WW3, drunken shit, on top of me being stressed out the past month, just total breakdown. Then worked all day today...hungover. Already hurt Michael with some old bullshit from a year ago, that some cunty bitch decided to bring up and text him today. Hmmm made no $$ at work, what else did i fuck up so far in 2012?! Can i just wake up and be back in 2011...please?!!

   Anyways..things are good with Michael and I, we just have to make time for one another. When we do hangout... were always around everyone. I need a date night or something, just him and I. Were planning a New Years Re-do, since we were away from one another! :)

 Now for me 2012 resolutions... 
          Take Michael out to Utah.

                Meet my fitness goals!

  The FUN auntie Bo <3 for Boogs and Maya