Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I can honestly say....

I can honestly say i do not remember when the last time i ate a hamburger was!! I watched a guy at work the other day chow down on a big juicy greesy spectrum burger covered in swiss cheese, mushrooms and onions...and it made my belly turn.

    I don't think i have EVER wanted something so bad, then i want to reach my goal. I am so close i can taste it!! All week at work, we have been trying out our new winter menu and i stood my ground and didnt take one bite of any of it. There was lobster dip, apple crisp pie, chocolate lava cake... and i had self control the whole time!

    Weigh in was last night. 10.62% of my body is gone:) 14.25 inches and 22.4lbs since our Biggest loser comp has started, and 78.8lbs all together !! i'm 8lbs away from my goal !!!!

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