Friday, August 9, 2013

A weekend of HEALING

  1. A woman who is the head of a family or tribe. 
  2. An older woman who is powerful within a family or organization.

This beautiful woman is my Grandmother. 
Her smile was big, her appetite was bigger but her spirit was the biggest.

My LaMutua was the Matriarch in our family. She was the glue which held us together, and the foundation to build the Stone name upon. Its important to keep our bonds strong and keep family traditions and rituals alive, Besides family traditions and rituals are what we remember in life... right? 

  Once LaMutua passed away in 2007 our foundation instantly became unsteady and our family has slowly become unglued. This reunion was especially meaningful because, for the past decade, our family has been falling apart & feuding. This family needed to come together to communitcate, forgive, laugh, love and heal. Our matriarch is no longer here to "sho you" how to accomplish these task anymore, but she did prepare us with the correct tools, we just have to work hard and together at it! Lets make it a soild STONE foundation LaMutua would be proud of!! ( && one that can hold us all )

Despite what others thought, we had to believe it is possible to have a family reunion that is loving, healing, and nurturing – without unnecessary stress

On the weekend of June 20 to June 23, 2013 I attended a wonderful family reunion. 

     Tuesday June 18, 2013 
Mom and I needed to waste a bit of time before leaving for the airport to pick up Shane and his family. We enjoyed a nice mexican dinner at El Junieta in Centerville while talking about the upcoming days and past reunions. I got a little emotional hearing her feelings from past situations, but we both were very hopeful that this family experience will be different for everyone.
dinner with MoM <3

     The last time I saw Shaney he was a young California boy, making "Jackass" home videos with his buddies! I spotted him in the airport, and was completely taken back, he walked towards me not only as a grown man, but a returned missionary, husband and now a DADDY! Walking along side him was his gorgeous wife Michelle, holding one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, their son Meki. I was thrilled to finally meet Michelle, Baby Meki and to see Shane again. 
   Bev picked up Auntie Shirls, Scar (BreeBree's babygirl) & Auntie Marlene from the airport. Therisa gets in Thursday from Utah, and Uncle Davids family is flying into Tennessee and meeting us at the resort. So thankful for everyone who traveled long distances to be at this family reunion.  Years ago, getting the whole family together was easy, when all the siblings (1st.generation) lived near one another. There were more opportunities to share in one another’s joys and sorrows. The siblings were able to watch their nieces and nephews growing up right before their eyes. If disagreements arose, they had time to get themselves worked out before a family picnic in the park took place or just took it to the basement and battled for the mic in a karokee session ;) Unfourtantly today, the family is spread out all over the country. Holidays/weddings or funerals are maybe the only times for face-to-face discussions, the airing of differences, and the acknowledgment of milestones passed during the year. Hopefully we can all make the next Family Reunion a priority. Not for the siblings gerneration.. or even ours, the cousins (2nd generation) But we need to do it for the 3rd gerneration.. the new babies.


I have witnessed the Aunties eyes light up, when they get around their brothers... I've seen tears roll down the cheek of my dad and uncles while sitting in a room with there sisters, laughing for hours! I know how EXCITED i get over my Cali,Oregon,Utah and Texas cousins! Thats why these Family Reunions are so important, we need to continue making sweet memories and give the babies the oppurtunity to start making that cousin bond, so one day they're fighting to stay awake all night at family gatherings so nothing is missed!

        Once everyone was settled in the resort rooms, the guys started up the grill and began working on dinner for everyone. I think everyone was still getting use to all the munckins running around. They were everywhere and alll over the place! From scooters to tricycles, we had to keep an eye on our toes! These kiddos showed NO MERCY! Josh attempted to hit my waterbottle off the staircase a good 20x, haha we had just watched a kid on YOUTUBE long snapping, like crazy ass stuff. We tried, but failed miserably! haha. Josh, Shane, Jared and I threw the football forever. Then we all just mingled and visited until dinner was ready. Then we of course got our "grub" on. Hey..were Stones, we DO know how to eat!!! ;)  

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