Friday, August 5, 2011

slim, thin, curvy, fat

Thin is in!
Lose weight!
The pressure to be thin is terrible nowadays.
Years ago, curvy was in.
Marylin Monroe was quite the sex goddess with her curvy body.
She'd be considered "fat" by today's standards.
So, why are curves considered bad now?
I was watching a OLD  Spice Girls performance the other night and a guy friend of mine made the comment of how fat Ginger Spice was. Um exuse me? I HATE it when guys make fat comments about any woman who has curves! When I say curves, I mean ladies that looks like a woman. She is not starved to the point where she looks like a boy. She has a feminine shape to her body. When I say "fat". I mean not accepted by media, because they have too much shape.Not starved.
From what I understand the average woman is a size 10 or 12. That is not skinny and it is not fat.
Ever since I was young, I have always been self conscious about my height and weight, like any girl. I am a diet pill junkie. I have probably tried every fad diet and diet pill out there. But I do realize I will never be stick thin. Nor do I have any desire too. I am tall and samoan

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