Friday, September 9, 2011


I feel like so much has changed over the past few weeks. I havnt hung out with my girls in weeks. . . Work has been keeping me busy while kicking my ass. We're short staffed right now, so basically Allie and i live at Nacho Daddys, and still not making the money we were before wild wings (down the street) & mcdonalds (nextdoor) openned up:/

I havnt been able to hit he gym recently...which i think is a main reason for all my stress lately! Not even football practice...we have a game Sunday too, kinda worried about my cardio! Not to mention I've gained 5lbs as of this past Monday, not to sound lame. .. but I've worked hard this summer to lose my 38 lbs! And i have 17more to go to reach my goal, and working all these hours I'm pulling, i have no time to cook, and Nacho or fast food has just been easier! So this week i knuckled down, I've already lost those 5lbs i gained..back on my crank pills and I'm going for a run after work today because this weather is amazing!!! I need to continue to see decresing waistline, the only thing that needs to be increasing is the cash in my wallet. Haha; )

Well sad news, my best friend isnt getting married anymore. It doesn't seem real to me still, i always have looked at them as a don't get one without the other. Its weird. It all went down in Miami, the trip i wasn't able to go on. Really sucks, everyone seems stick in the middle, bc were bffs with both. But naturally the boys are drawn to him, and the girls to her. But I'm trying to be there for both...but at the same time trying to act as normal as possible, i mean what can you say to either of them at a time like this, Ya know. Idk...maybe its a good thing work keeps me busy, so i can avoid the situation...but then I'm not upholding my bestfriend duties. I just don't want to hear bad talking about the other, i think. Or get caught talking to one, and say to much. All i can is lend a listening ear, and a dry shoulder to cry on i guess. Love you both so much! Days will go by..things will get easier, & you'll be stronger <3


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