Friday, July 15, 2011


CHICKS, CURVES AND CLEATS Lingerie Football is finally here.

I am team captain for the dangerous curves. I didn't know what team i wanted to be on. .. so i recruited my own girls, &made my own team! and i am pretty damn happy with it, freakin stacked. They all can play..& they're all cuties with attitude! .love it. July 24th is our first real game and where ready!!
We should have our shirts in by today, and we have a photoshoot on Tuesday! ! Ahhh so excited. We played two teams already. Our defense is fire and we have some awesome offensive plays. This year I'm playing quarterback and strong saftey. All the girls seem to be having a lot of fun with it all. And michael us coaching us... and of course anything with football, he loves and now boobs and football he's in heaven! Haha.


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  1. This is amazing! I had no idea this is something you started. I wished I had the nerve to be a part of something like that, it's something I always wanted to do. Seeing you meet your goals in weight loss makes me extremely hopeful and maybe someday I'll get to live out my dreams.