Friday, July 15, 2011

locked up

Well.. its been awhile since o updated. Still working at Nachos daddys as a bartender.. most days i love it, recently I've been going nuts because its been so slow, slow means no customers...which equals no cash moneyyyy! I got a job at a tanning salon. Outback in loganville...that lasted for about 2months.

My boytoy was locked up in gwinnett county for 31days. That was a lot tougher then i thought it would be to deal with. It wasn't bad at first, i did my thing went out with my girls partied and didn't have to call & let anyone know where i was or what my plans were... but once the partying was over for the night...i came home alone and i never got a kiss goodnight.

Its the small things in relationships that are taken for granted. And it was the small things i was missing the most about him and "us" , holding his hand or hearing his voice every day! The jail thing got old quick, paying to talk to him, it was a bitch to go see him. .talking through 3in of glass...seeing him in orange & green jumpsuits, when he didn't belong there anyway. But we got through it and are stronger because of it. And to be completely honest.. i feel like his arrest was perfect messed up as that sounds. But the time apart , i believe was needed and good for us. Hope we don't have to go through it again... i don't understand how those military wives do it..worrying about there honeys lives, i was just praying he didnt drop the soap in the shower! You woman are a lot stronger than me, 31days was long enough!!

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