Friday, September 30, 2011


Well here we are, tmrw is the first of Oct and i feel like this past year has just slipped away. We got some bad news here at work...our building was sold and were shutting down, like very soon. I an almost positive next week sometime. So i am back to job hunting. I would love an office/receptionist job, & bartend for fun again. But I'm doubting I'll find a desk job. Tony's bar is hiring and its right near my apartment...I'm going to go by there this weekend.

Michael got a job with Nth degree on the show floor making great money. He is so excited, and i am thrilled for him...this couldn't have come at a better time! He starts this Tuesday.

So after reading my baby sisters blog, i have come to the conclusion that my life is being wasted. She's living out in utah with her husband and trying to start a family, while going to school for CRIMINAL JUSTICE. I'm envy that girl, and she has got me really thinking. I am so tired of working my ass off to pay my bills. Its been years since i have had a vacation. And the way things are going i don't see one in my near future.

I have decided i am going back to school. I want a business degree and then go from there. I am almost 24years old and bartending isn't what i want to do. I have no idea what to even do to go back to school, but i am setting a goal for myself to start by January. That gives me three months to figure my shit out. I fucked up in high school & always told myself, i will go back when I'm ready to take it seriously...i think i am FINALLY at that point.

Speaking of goals...
The girls and i have started a friendly competition of weight loss!! The biggest loser challenge. And we have 15weeks to complete it. We all put 20$ in a box and we took our measurments and weight. Every Monday we will weigh in with $1 fee. And you pay additional money if you gain weight..$1per lbs! Were all so excited about it. Most weight lost after the 15wks wins the cash pot:) my goal is to lose 30lbs in the time span of the challenge. This week was harder with the hours i have worker and stress about the bad news. I ate mexican one afternoon, but i walked and ran that night. I havnt bad time to exercise but hopefully walking around Nachos has helped. And i have been eating salad or chicken salad all week. I havnt consumed to much water tho, but i have drank probably my weight in cranberry juice. I believe i have a kidney infection...yay me! Ugh hopefully going to the doctors next week, to get checked out. I need a physical as well, because when i ran the other day...i was weezing, again. Just a few more problems to add to the mix, lol. I havnt been to a doctor in years, just always afraid of hate they might tell me, "ms stone, you have 6months to live" yeeeeah freaks me out. But i will suck it up this time to get rid of this aweful pain!

Well i am super excited about my goals i have set, and i will achieve them! Ready...set...go: )

Until the next time,

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