Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nothings going to stop me now...

    Well its been 7 weeks since us gals have started our Biggest Loser Competition. And we are all doing so well, Kaitlyn is kicking ass and is down 17.4 lbs already!! Jessica is down 10 lbs!! I cannot believe how well were all doing. Sticking with it and motivating each other daily:) I am so proud of everyone. 


   I hit a huge weight miles stone last week. I have been struggling to get passed a number for the past 3months.. seriously been flirting with those few pounds.. and i FINALLLLLY got over the hump. It felt amazing. I got on the scale at home and just cried. Its been such a battle up and down and i finally got over it. Ahhhhhhh!! now i am 6lbs under that.. and since BL competition has been going on.. im down...drum roll pleeeease... 14.6lbs and 9.6 inches. Which i can tell BIG TIME on those inches. Michael even said something and he sees me EVERYDAY. I feel awesome and so motivated to keep going. I am so close to my goal weight, i can taste it :) 

   Since last year i am down 71.2 lbs.. I cannot freaaking believe it. It never hit me, how large i was until now. The pictures are so gross.

I am not stopping until i hit my goal. And these pictures just make me want it even more. You must make a choice to take a chance...or your life will NEVER CHANGE. I am making my choice now to never let myself get to that point again.( My bad that above picture was from Xmas 2009.) 

              YOU HAVE GOT TO WORK FOR IT. Its really a life style change completely.

    2009 was a bad year for me. Weight was up and down.. clearly mostly up. Thats when Michael and i were going thru problems. and i was stressed the F out. Lindsay's wedding is def my biggest i have ever been. I remember Tiffanee telling me something my little sister asked her, if i was okay.. bc i had gained a lot of weight. I dont even remember eatiing that summer. i just stayed drunk. it was disgusting. i was the queen chugger at all the parties.. but i gained 40lbs probably in that summer alone.

                          PUSH YOUR SELF, BC NO ONE IS GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU.


     i am not there yet...but damnit, i am closer than i was yesterday!!!
until next time...

                                                                                                                  <3 Tequila Waistline ;)

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