Monday, September 6, 2010

The Boys of Fall 2010

   The Dogs look impressive 55-7 Victory over the Rajun Cajuns!! It was a great game. I love that football season is FINALLY here. Aaron Murray our new quarterback, looks damn good. I am hoping he does wonders this year. Cox being long gone is going to make us a better team reguardless. The intensity of the game was awesome throughout all four quaters. As well as the aggressiveness and enthusiasm of the defense! I can't wait to see what is the BOYS OF FALL will do next week against South Carolina. Keep it up guys :)

We watched the game in Loganville at Michael's parents house, while they were at the races in Atlanta this weekend. We grilled out and enjoyed a few cold ones in the sun while we watched the Dawgs kick butt.
Jessica, Kaitlyn and I stayed up til 2:30am friday night baking Uga cupcakes and Tiffanee's Birthday cake. Which turned out great btw!

<-----Our Go Dawg football cupcakes<3

    Happy Birthday Dear Sissy ---->

   Later we went out to dinner at longhorns and enjoyed some food with everyone. Not everyone had a goodtime, there was a bit of hostility in the air. lol. Joey, our awesome waiter brought out our lovely cake we made and we all sang to Tiffy, then made our way to the bar for a BiRtHdAy ShOT !! then out to Bruceys for a few drinks... which they expanded! Looked crazy big inside, and we saw our favorite person.. lol i guess she can remain nameless... but its always fun to see her out. Umm what else, Oh i went and wrote on a karokee slip that the "Hot Blonde in the Yellow Dress" was celebrating her birthday today!! HAHA the DJ of course announced it over the PA, and she hated me for the rest of the night, lol as he continued to refer to her as the HOT BLONDE BDAY GIRL, a few people bought her shots and i got her about 5 jELLoooo ShOTs!! All and all , it was a FANTASTIC day <3


Till next time :)

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  1. i'm jealous i wish i could have been there!! Love you both!