Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall / Batter Bowl Bakery :)

        So the weather today is beyond PERFECT. I got out of my car and the first leaf, I have really paid attention too was on my window shield.. and it was yellow <3, my favorite kind of yellow too.. Ahh I love this time of year, I can't help but feel so thankful for the things around me.
 Like a simple leaf changing colors! ------->

  So this weekend was packed with fun! Friday night Kaitlyn & I went over to Jessica's dads house and we all three were baking all night!! We made a "Baby Rump" cake for Treena's baby shower! And a cake for my families birthday.."Heart Cake" which I just wanted to play with, but I was not happy with it... So saturday Kaitlyn, Patrick, Michael and I all watched the UGA game at Michaels parents house. While we watched Kaitlyn and I baked another cake. A "Georgia Cake." And then we lost. Booooo!! But it turned out so yummy and looked terrific.  

   Later Sunday night, Michael and I went over to Corey and Alexa's house to help out with there new Hot Tub. Lexa and I watched Jersey Shore then the VMA's...which werent too great this year. No shock affect. Booo. Anywho, thats it :)

Oh and P.S... MICHAEL MADE ME MY OWN CORN HOLE GAME! hes the best boyfriend everrrr <3  


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