Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End of a good weekend..

Happy Labor Day!
i am finally home, we stayed with kaitlyn and patrick all weekend long. Patrick suprised her with a brand new , 7weeks old Boxer puppy on friday for Kaitlyns birthday! He is precious, his name is BRUTUS!! ... well not really, they named him Diesel.. but his name should be Brutus :) I totally gave him a whole photoshoot all weekend. lol, he kept falling alseep everywhere...lazy bum, I got a cute pic by a natty light bottle. haha Cute Advertisment, they should hire Brutus.
I made these yummy brownies/cookies for Michael midnight.. bc he had a craving.. i am too good to that boy, good thing i love baking :)
well i guess this concludes my hoilday weekend, its over already :( BUT tomorrow my brother should be in town...YAHOOOO! and my momma. Family dinner next sunday, YAY those are my favorite :)) of course were missing the baby of the family tho, and my newest greatest brother in law of all time!!


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