Tuesday, September 21, 2010


       Just turned on my camera.. and the freakin screen is broken. Ugh i am so pissed, but its my fault... i thought it was a bright idea to toss my gym bag off the balcony. Oops : (  Anyway.. last night after work i raced over to Jessica/Ber's apt and walked  with the girls..we power walked 2.5miles. And on our last lap me and Ber jogged a good bit then sprinted... it felt good. Then we went upstairs and did 10x10 ab workouts.

Breakfast : sliced strawberries.  Lunch : grilled chicken salad with 2tspoons of balsamic dressing. Dinner : (pic above) Tilapia with aspargus. Snack : sliced apples.

Wii Fit Scale 9/20 : -2.4lbs  : )

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