Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Workout Wagon


      I jumped back on the workout wagon tonight! Being sick then the holiday weekend + birthdays, just threw me off. Jessica and I went to the park and walked 1.5 miles then went to the gym and kicked ass. My thighs are so tight its painful. LOL but i love it. I'm on that GET IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT workout plan, lol this year time next year i plan to look like Kimmy.NEW BOOBS & all. lol I can only dream right :) But yeah
<-------------This is my goal, setting the bar high i know. lol . but i got the next year to lose! i have PT super early.. so i am headed to shower then bed. Tomorrow, i am going to start a food journal on here, while i type my daily posts as well as write my workouts i do and any weight i lose, just to keep myself motivated. Wish me luck :)



  1. Bubs we can do it together! i got a gym membership out her and i cant go everyday because of school starting next week! but i'm going to try to go 2-3 times a week! I need to loose some weight and tone my body! and hopefully my boobs will get smaller! haha i can only dream!

  2. lol you lucky girl...gimme some of that boobage!! Yeah thats my goal too.. but 3-4 i got moreee to lose. lol, i dont eat real bad.. i just eat so much. I am going to get back on that hcg diet tho. I really liked it and i lost 30lbs! Michael and I did decide on going on the family reunion cruise. So i dont think were going to make it to Utah this winter. I really have always wanted to take him to cali, and this is my chance. Its his bday/xmas gift from me. So i need to get in shape for it!!