Friday, November 25, 2011

Chrismas right around the corner...

    Well its the day after Thanksgiving.. BLAK FRIDAY. My fabo news feeds are full of the nutzos that went shopping in all this maddness! Honestly, i wanted to go this year. For the experience, but so broke!! Maybe next year though. 

   Thanksgiving was great. Michaels mom Jill-lynn and his little sister Caitlyn came up wednsday night and spent the night with us, at Mark & Metas. Were house sitting for them, while their in Toxiaway, NC for the hoilday. We went out to good ole' Eastside Station wed night for BEERPONG. (since Nachos closed, they have it there now) It was SO fun, Caitlyn turned 18years old today & this was her first time at a bar. She had a BLAST.

Everyone got to meet Jill and Punk. And TJ and Uncle Jason met them too. Jill, Punk and Michael seriously danced the night away! All night long, they were breaking it down on the dance floor :)

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