Friday, November 25, 2011

Smells like the Holidaysss

     This week Michael and I have been house sitting his parents house in loganville while they are away in Toxiaway, NC for Thanksgiving with Man & Patsey. Michaels mom and little sister came down Wed night, to stay with us. It was Punks 18th birthday, so we took her out to Eastside Station!

      It was so fun. Beerpong was going on, and their were so many people there.. from what i can remember. Jill-lynn and Caitlyn had a blast, they seriously danced all night long. Jill met Uncle Jason and my brother TJ up there, as well as like 20 other friends.

Thanksgiving morning, i woke up at 730am and woke Jessica and Michael up so we could make it to the TURKEY BOWL 2011 babyyyy!!

    We made it up to Brisco Park, there were a ton of people there i didnt know...and we were running a bit late, so the game had already started. We i was playing on the offense, and started to get pissy bc no one even looked at me. So i was just about to have Michael play for me, since it was a waste of time bc the boys were NOT throwing the girl the ball... but i shut up and ran the next play.. and what do ya know! they threw me the ball, i caught it.. and took it to the house for a touchdown!! WAHOOO :) Michael was so cute, he cheered for me and shouted..."WHOS GIRLFRIEND WAS THAT... THIS GUYS!!" hahaha he did it EXTRA loud, since he knew i was upset about the dudes over looking me. lol, man i love him.

   After the game, we headed to Michaels Aunt Lisa's house for Thanksgiving. We ate there and visited the family. So good to see everyone. Hunter and Walker are huge! and so handsome. I got to see a few videos of there wrestling matches. Lori is beautiful as always, and i love Jim and Lisa. Nanny and Pawpaw are the cutest. Nannys hair looked so pretty!! After we left Llburn we headed to Grayson to stop by Uncle Steve & Aunt Bevs house. I was so excited to see Baby Lexi, but i was a little too late. We had just missed them. We did get to chat and catch up and see Chloe.. who is a freakin doll. She was being so silly, i have never heard her talk so much! lol Once we left grayson.. we headed to the store and Loganville to pick up some things, then finally to Snellville to Mom & Dads house. Just in time.. bc dad made it home :) We had such a wonderful time. I love family get togethers. Maya and Caleb were being so fun, and we all just cut up and laugh all night. Missed Taylor and Chris tho, but we did get them on the phone to draw names for Christmas!

      Well, now that the Thanksgiving feast is now passed...Time to get back on track. && hit my goal by January 1st :) Not to far, so i have got to stay focused in the month of December!!

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  1. if know one told you, i will: i am very proud to say "hey, i know that girl and yes, she's awesome!" keep up the good work, too many of our young people today don't have dreams and goals. it is an inspiration to see one that does.:)