Friday, November 25, 2011


We woke up by 7:00am and left downtown to the DOME. We got there around 9am, and the dbag security guard which was JOSH GIBSON. The "cop" who assulted Amber. Wouldnt let us in the Orange Lot until 11am. So we had to park and sit along the road. Once we were able to go into the lot....we did. Set up and started to tailgate. The lot started to fill up. People parking and posting up RISE UP flag poles. It was awesome! We started taking shots of Kamakzi's and drinking beer. It was a blast. We walked around and to all the falcons booths set up. We played games and took pictures waisting time until the game!

We had FIELD PASSES, i was convinced it was going to be the day i had been waiting for...Matt Ryan was going to meet me and propose ;) But once we were having a good time tailgating.. We lost track of time and we were suppose to be on the field at 3pm. We got drunk and next thing we knew it was 4pm already. Between you and I, I believe Michael did that on purpose.. so i wouldnt leave him for MattyICE :) haha.

    Michael had a ball with his dad. And i have never seen him so excited about this game:)

                          RISE UP BABY!!

                     Nov. 20, 2011
          FALCONS W I N : 24 to 17 :)

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