Friday, November 25, 2011

Michaels Birthday Weekend!

   Michael's birthday celebration was a total success :) I was worried, since work has been extra slow and we were so broke. But he had a wonderful time! We got with the whole group and went out to Havana Night Club. Everyone bought Michael shots and cocktails... until he puked. Oh, yeah it happened.. Nothing like a Jager shot to do the trick. Took the shot then immedantly barfed it up! Luckily there was a trash can near by. Haha. We lost him a few times..he was found dancing in front of the mirror with his eyes closed and all alone. LOL. One of our friends passed out asleep in VIP. haha, we have a picture...but he won't let us post it. Everyone had a great time tho! Jack came as well...its always a good party when he shows up! Him and I danced forEVERRR in the Salsa Room. Kaitlyn played DD tonight...shes such a trooper :)

                    Our smart DD with her SMART WATER :)

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